Consultant Dermatologist | Dermatological Surgeon | Cornwall


Current work:
Since joining Royal Cornwall Hospital as a Consultant Dermatologist in 2009, I have worked with a number of patients with wide-ranging general dermatological problems such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, infections and drug reactions, as well as managing individuals with hair, nail and genital skin problems. The department offers facilities such as patch testing, phototherapy, photodynamic therapy, immunosuppressant and biologic treatments to help manage such conditions.

As well as working at Royal Cornwall Hospital, I see private patients at the Duchy Hospital in Truro.

Areas of special interest:
My area of special interest is skin cancer and skin surgery, both diagnosis and management, including simple and complex surgical procedures. I have held a variety of lead roles within the trust including the regional lead for skin cancer management. I am responsible for overseeing the audits for the department, allowing the team to optimise patient care in parallel with medical advances.

I undertook a Mohs fellowship following my speciality training.

I perform simple and more complex skin surgery for symptomatic benign, precancerous and cancerous lesions. My surgery includes conventional (paraffin) processing of the skin specimens and Mohs micrographic surgery (frozen) processing. Mohs micrographic surgery is a well-established technique that is only offered in some centers and requires additional training. Mohs surgery can be the preferred treatment for certain types of basal cell carcinoma, facilitating complete excision of tumours and preservation of normal tissue when operating in difficult cosmetic areas of the head and neck.

The more complex repair techniques, which I perform, include skin grafts and flaps on the face, ears and scalp. I work closely and sometimes in conjunction with my maxillofacial, ophthalmic, plastic surgeons and oncology colleagues to facilitate best care for patients.

Research and publications:
The research I have been involved with has been published in peer reviewed journals throughout my career. My current area of research interest is working with my oncology colleagues at RCHT on treatments for advanced malignant melanoma.

My work has been acknowledged with clinical excellence awards in 2011 and 2013. I have been involved with primary care teaching programs for General Practitioners. I have set up dermatology teaching and practical surgical courses for GPs which keeps close links between primary and secondary care providers optimising patient treatments. I designed and piloted the teledermatology service which we now use at RCHT; this allows patients, where possible and appropriate, to be diagnosed and treated faster, ideally avoiding hospital attendance if it is not necessary for them.

In my personal time, I am devoted to looking after my young family. I pursue my passion for outdoor sports, particularly racing high-performance sailing dinghies and larger keelboats. I completed the Fastnet yacht race in 2013. I continue to race competivitely offshore and at regional and local sailing events and enjoy maintaining my bilingual upbringing in France.